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All Scientific provides a range or product and service solutions for the optics, coatings, and photonics markets.

  • Materials for Optical Coating
  • Deposition Sources and Crucibles
  • Ion Sources
  • Optical Monitors
  • Crystal Monitors and Controllers
  • Vacuum Pumps & Gauges
  • Vacuum Components
  • Feedthroughs

  • Coating Applications & Process Development
  • Training in Coating and PVD Process
  • Training in Optical Coating Design
  • Equipment Commission, Relocation & Upgrade
  • Used & Refurbished Equipment
  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilding & Refurbishment

EMD Performance Materials
  • Full Range of Evaporant/Coating Materials
    • Oxides, Fluorides
    • TCO
    • Water- and Oil-Repellent

  • Advanced sputtering targets and components for a wide range of applications.

  • Crystal Monitors & Controllers
  • Sensors for PVD, Evaporation, CVD, ALD and Other Process

  • Optical Monitoring Systems (OMS)
    • Tunable Wavelength
    • Fully Automated Systems
    • UV-VIS-IR Applications

Kaufman & Robinson Inc
  • Broad Beam Ion Sources & Power Supplies
    • eH Series Gridless Sources
    • KDC Series DC Gridded Sources
    • RFICP Series Gridded Sources
    • Advanced Power Supply & Control Technolgies

Did you know? All Scientific has a fully equipped coating applications and analysis lab. We assist customers with new material/process implementation and employee training. We can also demonstrate and provide hands-on training for the many components we support in the marketplace.

Brooks Automation
  • CTI Cryopumps
  • Polycold Systems MaxCool Cryochillers
  • Granville Phillips Vacuum Gauges & Leak Valves
  • Legendary GUTS Customer Support

Ebara Technologies Inc
  • Dry Vacuum Pumps
  • Turbomolecular Pumps
  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilding & Repair (All Major Brands)
  • Abatement for Hazardous Process